Monasterio San Martín Pinario

21st International Colloquim on Latin Linguistics

String Quartet Concert


18:30: Reception for participants (Entrance to the Cultural Space: Plaza de la Inmaculada).

  • Brief presentation of the history of the Monastery (English)

18:50: Introduction to the concert, relating the works to be performed with the period and styles of construction of the Church of St. Martín Pinario (English)

Concert by the “Cuarteto de cuerdas del Pinario”, coordinated by Loida Díaz Marra:

  • La Folia (Arcangelo Corelli, 1653–1713)
  • Violin Concerto A minor RV 356 (Antonio Vivaldi, 1678–1741)
  • Ave Maria (Giulio Caccini, 1551–1618)
  • Water Music (Georg Friedrich Händel, 1675–1759)

19:45: Reception in the Church Cloisters (Galician wines and snacks)

20:15: End of the event


Participants will be given a four-page leaflet containing a message from the Rector of the “Seminario Mayor de Santiago de Compostela”, an outline of the history of the monastery, and the concert programme (in Spanish and English), designed especially for the occasion.